Covid-19 Update 19th July 2021

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It’s great that from Monday 19th July restrictions are going to ease up a bit. BUT…. as healthcare professionals we have to continue with PPE, including masks, as required by Public Health England.

We have also been advised, to strongly recommend that our patients continue to wear a mask or face covering when attending their appointment at Bodyfix Physio. In order to get our patients better, we have to get close to you and we really don’t want to have to shut the clinic because we have to isolate. More importantly, we also have some really poorly patients that come to the clinic and whilst you may just come with an ankle sprain, the next patient in that room might be someone with Leukaemia, lung cancer or Cystic fibrosis. We will continue to clean and ventilate as we have been doing, but it really helps keep the risk of transmission down if you wear a mask.

If you are exempt from wearing a mask or feel you no longer wish to wear a mask, please ring and inform the receptionist so we can try and move your appointment to the end of the day which can help minimise the potential risk of cross infection of Covid-19.We really appreciate your continued support.

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