Without having regular assesments of your needs, injuries can and will happen. At Bodyfix Physio, we can help with treatment and re-habilitation of many problems. (the list is by no means exhaustive)

Common Problems...
• sciatica
• arthritis
• achillies tendonitis
• tennis elbow
• disc problems
• back pain
• knee injuries
• ankle sprains
• whiplash

Acupuncture is often recommended by doctors as a therapy that can help many conditions such as headaches, arthritis, skin conditions, anxiety, menstrual problems, infertility, aches and pains and many more.

Ellena Cohen is a highly respected acupuncturist. She spent three years learning holistic methods of Traditional and Five Element acupuncture. She has helped many patients that have had both short and long term problems. She is member of the professional body The British Acupuncture Council.

Find out more at British Acupuncture Council >>>

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